Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum monthly average to be maintained to qualify for the payment is 1 hour per day in every month.
  2. After enrolment member will receive a welcome mail from the company which will have all the details about the project and user id and password to sign in on the website. Member is not supposed to share this user id and password with anyone else and can change the password after first sign in.
  3. It is compulsory to provide PAN number for the purpose of TDS deduction from the payment, which for the current year is 1% of the total income. If any member doesn’t provide the PAN number, then, according to taxation rule of India, TDS will be deducted 2% from the total income of the member.
  4. All requests regarding payment will be processed within 48 hours after the request made. Sometime in some cases it may take 72 hours. Any urgent transaction will be made immediately but it will charge member 150/- per transaction.
  5. The payment will be done in the bank account directly either by cheque/cash deposit or by Neft. Also it will be done only in the bank account which the member has provided in the panel to the company. To change the bank account member is supposed to update the details of the new bank account on the panel.
  6. Withdrawal from running account is possible but only 50% of the total balance of Running account. Also every after withdrawal there should be interval of 15 days in case of withdrawal from the running account.
  7. There would be transaction charge of 50/- on every withdrawal from running account.
  8. Minimum withdrawal from permanent account should be of 5000 rupees. Payment request for less than 5000 rupees will not be accepted and processed.
  9. In case of technical issue or server problem member is supposed to co-operate. The company will solve any and all technical issue as soon as possible.
  10. Member can refer this project but strictly restricts to outsource this project commercially and make subcontracts. The company will initiate legal actions if any member is found doing such activity/activities.