Rules and Regulations

  1. Work cycle will be from 1st day of every month till last day of every month. If anyone joins in between the work cycle, on the 1st day of the next month his/her work cycle will restart and then it will go as per the normal working cycle of the company.
  2. Member is supposed to watch every advertisement which is shown in the panel, member cannot choose the advertisements and watch.
  3. After signing in member is supposed to provide all the details required in the Profile Section on its panel.
  4. It is compulsory to give answers of the questions asked after every advertisement. If any question after the advertisement is answered wrong, then the same advertisement will replay and member is supposed to watch the advertisement carefully and answer the question correctly. Till the time the question is not answered next advertisement will not be played. All the questions will be multiple choice questions with 4 options out of which 1 will be the correct answer.
  5. Company reserves the right to take the information of the machine which is used to work, either laptop, or computer or mobile. Member is supposed to provide the information about the machine that he/she will be using to work on this project.
  6. In case the member wishes to change the machine that he/she is using currently, the company should be intimated, updated with the details of new machine and changing the machine should be done after getting approval from the company. If any member is found using any other machine other than registered machines, then his/her membership will be suspended temporarily and may be terminated permanently.
  7. Member will be given a unique identification number which will be used for all future transaction and communication.
  8. There will be 2 accounts. Running account and Permanent Account. The balance of the running account will show the earning till date in a particular month cycle, however the running account balance will not be considered to be the final earning of the member.
  9. Balance of running amount on last day of every month will be automatically credited to the permanent account on the 1st day of every month. On the 1st day of every month the running account balance will be 0 (zero).