About Us

Project AD India Tube, has been developed with a unanimous thrive and vision to achieve what hasn't been achieved yet in any field, any sector of commercial India. It is an effort to build an industry rooted by the common man for the common man, fulfilling the dreams of strivers and satisfying needs of all. It has been constructed after rigorous research conducted over 8 years (and counting) in the different fields of commerce.

AD India Tube is a project that gives a platform to the common man, voicing his opinion as a consumer, and forming a base for the merchandiser(s)to enhance their products. (Quality, prices, availability.)

What excatly AdIndiaTube is? As the name indicates, its all about advertisements. We here at AdindiaTube are working on a concept to create a platform where the advertisers directly pay to their viewers and viewers get paid for each and advertisement they watch.

Now the question arrises, why the advertisers will pay to the viewers? Actually the answer is, the advertisers are already indirectly paying to the viewers, the only difference is that they are paying for viewers, not to the viewers. We mean to say that any advertiser who chooses a newspaper or a TV channel to give its advertisement, is actually on the basis of the readership or popularity of that newspaper or that TV channel. Hence one thing is clear, where the adveertisement should be placed and how much should be paid that is decided onlyon one thing and i.e. the number of people that newspaper or channel can reach.

More readership earns more income to the newspapers. More viewers increases the TRP of the channel and that attracts more advertisers to give their ads on that channel.

But from all above, it is clear that no newspaper or channel can earn if it doesn't have people with them. So actually the money is given to them because they have you. So, we have decieded just to bring a small change. If the advertiser is paying so that you watch their ads, then that money also should come to you. Its because ultimately you are only one who is going to buy their products after watching their advertisements. So if the money is spend so that you watch the advertisement, then why that money should not be directly given to you if it is been spent for you....


This is what AdIndiaTube is moving ahead with....!! It's a platform where advertisers can directly pay to their viewers. Here both sides there's a win win situation. Viewer is getting paid to watch the advertisement which helps him/her to generate a little extra income in their part time and advertisers get good response and guarantee that their ads have been seen by the viewers that too in a very low cost.